What is Anxiety and How Can I Manage It


What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an uncomfortable inner feeling of unease or fear. It is a normal human emotion in reaction to stress or misfortune and serves a primal purpose to motivate us to seek food, shelter & run from danger.

Is it Normal?

Everyone experiences anxiety, and in certain occupations or situations a small amount of anxiety can even be advantageous. However, when anxiety levels become too high this can be problematic, and this occurs commonly in our modern society.

What are the Signs?

Signs to be aware of are of include your anxiety becoming more generalised and persistent and begins to interfere with your daily life. Sleep can often be disturbed and nightmares may occur. You may suffer restlessness, difficulty concentrating, feel light-headed, a lump in your throat, and develop muscle tension often in the form of tension neck headaches. Excessive tiredness is very common. Sometimes specific types of anxiety such as compulsive behaviour or irrational fears (eg crowds, outdoors, germs, social situations) can occur. Anxiety can at times culminate into panic attacks. Anxiety is often accompanied by depression.


What Can I Do to Manage It?

You can learn to manage normal levels of anxiety by debriefing with close friends or family, eating well, sleeping enough and exercising regularly. Mindfulness exercises can be used to manage unhelpful thoughts & feelings. Try these free mindfulness training apps:

If you feel your level of anxiety interferes with your daily life or you feel unable to cope, see your GP for more help.

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