A Different Approach to “Weight Concerns”

“Weight” is not a good measure of health. Diets don’t work in the long-term. Food should be pleasurable, sociable and guilt-free.

Obesity is a complex, multifactorial problem that doesn’t have a single solution, but the psychological aspects of eating are often overlooked. Our brain is designed to seek pleasure. Rather than using something negative as motivation why not focus on what you might gain by improving your health?

Learn the basic principles of “intuitive eating”. Food tastes better when you’re hungry. Eat anything as long as you do so ‘mindfully’ by really slowing down and savouring the experience without distraction. Learn to listen to your body’s hunger signals and ask yourself whether you’re truly hungry before you choose to eat. Maybe you’re eating to manage uncomfortable feelings or subconsciously substituting food for a lack of value in your life.

These concepts are all common sense but rarely applied in our busy day to day lives and often overlooked by busy GP’s.

The program involves a flexible combination of three elements; An introduction to the basic concepts by a GP who will help you learn to apply these new principles to your daily life. Some self-directed learning with the aid of a self-help book and referral to a specifically selected team of psychologists, dietitians and exercise physiologists who all work using the same treatment philosophy so that you receive a consistent message. Your progress will be medically monitored.

Changing life-long behaviours is hard work but with some initial effort, new practices soon become automatic and your new long-term healthier habits. Instead of jumping on the next new fad diet, why not consider a healthier, more sustainable approach?

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