Heavy Snoring? Tired? Consider Sleep Apneoa

Untreated sleep apnoea can cause high blood pressure, obesity, difficulty losing weight, sexual dysfunction, increased risk of heart disease and stroke to the same level as a smoker!

What are the Symptoms?

If you are a heavy snorer, particularly if you disrupt the sleep of your partner, you may be at risk. Other symptoms include –

  • unrefreshing or restless sleep
  • daytime tiredness
  • dry mouth or sore throat in the morning
  • chronic headaches
  • poor concentration & reduced performance at work
  • forgetfulness, irritability & mood problems.

Sufferers stop breathing episodically, sometimes hundreds of times during the night, resulting in complications from the reduced delivery of oxygen to the body.


How to Tell if you Have Sleep Apneoa

Often people are unaware of the problem. However, you can evaluate your risk using this scale:

Consult your GP if you feel you may suffer sleep apnoea to arrange testing and treatment.

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